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Plastic Granulator / Crusher

ASG plastic granulator, sometimes referred to as a “crusher”, cuts whole PET plastic bottles into small, uniform pieces, or more popularly known as PET flakes.

Sink Float Separation Tank

A sink / float separation tank separates materials that float from those that sink. In the case of PET recycling, as PET bottles are granulated whole, a large portion of contamination...

Label Separator

The label separator, sometimes referred to as the “air classifer” uses air pressure to separate heavier materials from lighter ones. As PET bottles are shredded whole...

Trommel Separator

Redesigned for 2018, the trommel is recommended for relatively contaminated PET bottle bales, it is excellent for removing small contaminants such as glass, metals, wood, paper/cardboard...

High Speed Friction Washer

A brilliant cold washing machine, the high speed friction washer is a truly efficient piece of machinery for cleaning PET flakes via the use of friction. In the case of our standard PET bottle washing line...

Hot Washer For PET Flakes

The hot washer for PET flakes is the heart of the PET bottle washing line capable of getting rid of hard to remove contamination such as glues, oils, grease, and left-over foods/liquids.

Thermal Dryer

ASG thermal dryer is the final drying apparatus in our PET bottle washing line. Using high heat to dehydrate moisture from the PET flakes, this continuos drying apparatus...

High Speed Dewatering

The first stage in the drying process in our standard PET bottle washing line, the high speed dewatering machine has the unique ability to remove a large portion of water content...

Debaler Machine

Unless you want to manually open the PET bottle bales and place them onto the conveyor, a debaler machine will go a long way in automating your operations. The manual option requires...

Welcome to PET Bottle Washing Line!

Welcome to ASG Plastic Recycling Machinery Environmental Science Research & Development Institute, the leading professional manufacturer of high-quality equipment for PET recycling. With more than two decades of experience developing the most efficient and cost-effective machinery for recycling PET bottles into clean PET flakes, ASG Recycling is proud to be responsible for thousands of tons of PET plastic being recycled each month in more than 50 countries worldwide.

ASG Recycling offers the ideal solution to PET recycling via our innovative PET bottle recycling line, a series of state-of-the-art size reduction, washing, drying, and separation equipment. Depending on your desired capacity, our standard PET recycling lines have outputs starting at 500kg/h to larger 2000kg/h. We're proud of each piece of machinery we manufacture that are designed with usability, durability, efficiency, and safety in mind. Unlike most manufacturers in China that offer PET washing lines that easily breakdown, ASG reputation for durability is unmatched as we use only the highest quality materials and parts. If well maintained, our PET bottle washing lines are renowned for operating year after year.

PET Recycling Flow ChartAside from our excellent recycling machines, customer service has always been a priority for us. It's no wonder that more than 80% of our customers purchased secondary PET recycling lines from us. Starting from the initial contact, to the discussion of washing line specifications, to actual implementation of your PET washing plant, to servicing parts years afterwards, ASG Recycling will be with you every step of the way.

Wether you're interested in our standard PET bottle washing line or larger capacity, custom built washing lines with or without pelletizing equipment, our group of experienced engineers will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Join our group of hundreds of happy customers worldwide, get started by contacting us at

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